Cambridge B2 First: Sprint Course – the direct way to your English certificate

Cambridge B2 First: Sprint Course – the direct way to your English certificate

12-week Swiss Exams Academy online preparation course that makes you ready for your B2 First English exam by Cambridge. Obtaining a language certificate is about much more than just immediate gains. It is about investing in your future. With your B2 FIrst certificate, gain valuable life skills, unlock exciting job opportunities and earn higher salaries.

Cambridge B2 First: Sprint Course – the direct way to your English certificate

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Cambridge B2 First bundle I Swiss Exams Academy

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Just for you: Cambridge B2 First Sprint Course tailored for Swiss students

This Cambridge B2 First Sprint course has been specifically developed and tested for students and young professionals at Swiss middle and higher education institutions, including vocational and commercial middle schools, gymnasiums, HTC, UAS, and universities.

The cost, timing, content, structure, and delivery have been carefully designed to fit a student's budget and daily academic life.

B2 First fast track - Academy - Sprint Course

How to prepare for the B2 Cambridge exam? Let us show you

This online preparation course, designed by English exam experts, efficiently navigates you through each Cambridge exam component, targeting top scores. Here is what is included:

  • Placement test: Take the Cambridge placement test and get your results before the first lesson.
  • 12 Weeks of online lessons: Dive into interactive training and exercises covering reading, writing, listening, speaking, plus grammar and vocabulary.
  • Learning materials: Get the Cambridge English Trainer Series book for First or Advanced, specially crafted teaching materials for Proficiency, and digital resources with Test & Train.
  • Customed feedback: Receive personalized feedback and performance assessments.
  • Real-feel speaking practice: Experience a mock oral exam and get detailed feedback.
  • Cambridge expert-led classes: Per course day, you will get a 1-hour lesson with Cambridge English exam experts, 1 hour for exam-specific tasks, and a Q&A session with exam experts.

Let´s start your B2 First exam journey now!

Key advantages of the B2 First exam online prep course

Swiss Exams Academy - Developed and taught by exams experts

Developed and taught by Cambridge exam experts

Swiss Exams Academy - Taught in small groups

Interactive & Taught in small groups

Best value for money I Swiss Exams Academy

Best value for money

Practise on authentic prep materials I Swiss Exams Academy

Practice on authentic materials

Online preparation I Swiss Exams Academy

Completely online with all sessions recorded

Access to teacher feedback outside lesson time I Swiss Exams Academy

Access to teacher feedback outside lesson time

Boost your B2 First (FCE) skills – Sprint Course objectives

By the end of this FCE practice, you will excel in the following:

  • Understand the Cambridge B2 First (FCE) exam format fully.
  • Learn effective techniques for tackling the reading, writing, listening, and speaking FCE modules.
  • Build confidence in taking the Cambridge B2 First exam.
  • Boost English proficiency by mastering essential vocabulary and grammar.

Student taking Swiss Exams Academy - online preparation course

Reading & Writing objectives

  • Enhance your skimming and scanning abilities.
  • Proficiently rephrase intricate texts.
  • Cultivate critical thinking skills to assess arguments' credibility, validity, and implications.
  • Tailor writing to suit different tasks, essential for the FCE writing module.

Speaking & Listening objectives

  • Develop the articulation of your thoughts coherently in English.
  • Practice engaging in spontaneous conversations, key for the B2 speaking test.
  • Improve your pronunciation and intonation.
  • Enhance your listening grasp for both casual and formal dialogues.
Student taking Swiss Exams Academy, preparing for langauge exam

Meet Swiss Exams Academy expert

Paul Needham I Swiss Exams

Paul Needham

An English teacher with a CELTA certification and 15 years of experience, skilled in teaching and preparing students for all levels of Cambridge English exams and IELTS.   Paul is a keen reader of fiction and non-fiction, enjoys watching films and visiting art exhibitions.

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Sprint Cour B2 First I Swiss Exams Academy

September (14, 21, 28), October (26), November (2, 9, 16, 23), December (7, 14), and January (11, 18)

Sprint Cour B2 First I Swiss Exams Academy

January (11, 18, 25), February (15, 22), March (8, 15, 22, 29), April (19, 26), and May (3)