Pre A1-A2 Young Learners (YLE)

Pre A1-A2 Young Learners (YLE)

The start of a child’s language learning journey! Pre A1-A2 Young Learners (YLE) is a series of motivating, activity-based language tests, specially designed for children at primary and lower-secondary school.

Exam Information

What is Pre A1-A2 Young Learners (YLE)?

Cambridge English Young Learners exams give a consistent measure of how well 7–12 year–olds are doing in the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Tests are designed to make learning fun and children are encouraged by working towards certificates and earning ‘shields’ that record their progress.

There are three different versions of the Cambridge English Young Learners exam:

  • Pre A1 Starters (YLE Starters)
  • A1 Movers (YLE Movers)
  • A2 Flyers (YLE Flyers)

Why to take Pre A1-A2 Young Learners (YLE)?

  • There’s no pass or fail – every child gets a Cambridge English certificate which celebrates their achievements.
  • The test uses realistic everyday situations to bring learning to life.
  • The test covers all major varieties of English.

Format of the exam

Listening Reading Speaking
Cambridge English Starters 20 minutes 20 minutes 3-5 minutes
Cambridge English Movers 25 minutes 30 minutes 5-7 minutes
Cambridge English Flyers 25 minutes 40 minutes 7-9 minutes

Preparation material

Preparation material

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