Cambridge English Placement Test

Cambridge English Placement Test

The Cambridge Placement Test is an online adaptive test of general English, testing Reading/Use of English and Listening. It can be used to place learners at all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) from Pre-A1 to C2.

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What is an adaptive test?

As the candidate progresses through the test, each item is chosen on the basis of the candidate's response to the previous item. As a result, the test becomes progressively easier or more difficult until a consistent level of ability is achieved, and the candidate's level of English can be identified.

Where can this test be taken?

It is a computer-based test, so any computer with an internet connection can be used to take the test. (I-Pads or Smartphones are not supported for this test. On a Mac computer, please use the "Google Chrome" browser).

How long does it take?

A maximum of 30 minutes.

When are the results available?

Results are reported instantly as an overall score on a scale of 0-100, indicating the CEFR level from Pre-A1 – C2.

  • Have a look at the demo version of the test: DEMO

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