Swiss Exams Academy

Swiss Exams Academy

With the heavy load of school subjects at secondary and vocational schools, commercial schools, gymnasiums, and higher education institutions, it can be an additional burden to have to prepare for the Cambridge English Exams. This becomes a problem for students and teachers as the time is not available in the regular English lessons to cover what would be very important to know for a successful exam result.

Support course for your class

12-week online exam preparation programme to boost success of the Cambridge English exams at various levels.

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Swiss Exams Academy pilot project: Over 89% of secondary school students achieved their desired exam level

Our success story kicked off when a secondary school (Kantonschule) approached us, seeking additional support for their students who were struggling to advance their skills on their journey towards a Cambridge English certificate.

In 2016, we drafted a pilot Cambridge English exam support programme for this school. It would help their English students to prepare for exam levels their school was unable to offer. By participating in our Cambridge English preparation programme, all students who wanted to take the Cambridge English exam were able to do so, even if their English levels were below or above the ones that the school was preparing them for. The pilot project has now become our new exam preparation programme, Swiss Exams Academy.

Students enrolled in this preparation programme for Cambridge B2 First and C1 Advanced. Thanks to this additional support we provided, nearly 90% of them achieved their desired exam level. This was clear proof that Swiss Exams Academy could make a real difference and help students and teachers save time, energy, and stress while achieving their desired certification.

Supporting schools and empowering students on their exam journey

The Swiss Exams Academy is a support programme for the successful completion of the Cambridge English exam at various levels. The course supports exam takers in their further development of the English language alongside their schooling, as they are prepared for the Cambridge English exam in a targeted and individual way.

An exam preparation programme to boost success

  • 100% tailor-made preparation course for the appropriate level
  • All online, recorded and interactive. No travelling, no time wasted, convenient and practical from home
  • Cambridge English exam experts lead the course
Girl with braids and long dark hair sitting on a cushion. She has her laptop in her hands and is taking the exam preparation course by Swiss Exams "Swiss Exams Academy".

How can Academy support schools and empower students on their exam journey?

We asked this very question to Paul Needham, a Cambridge English expert who helped us to build this exam preparation programme.

Who is Swiss Exams Academy for

Our programme has been specifically designed for students attending a public or private secondary school (Sek I and II) or tertiary institutions in Switzerland to complement their studies. It is ideal for students who;

  • have a different level to the exam preparation class at their school,
  • require additional exam preparation alongside their classes at school,
  • independently wish to obtain a language certificate but have no access to exam preparation classes at their school.

Why choose Swiss Exams Academy

Why choose Swiss Exams Academy

Course programme

The online classes are led by Cambridge English exam experts and prepare students for the Cambridge English exams. An oral exam is conducted as part of the course so that particiapnts are then ready to pass the exam.

The course programme includes the following:

  • Placement test: Linguaskill test incl. result (must be taken before the first lesson)
  • 12 weeks of online lessons, interactive training and exercises on the exam sections reading, writing, listening, speaking, incl. grammar and vocabulary
  • Learning material: Cambridge English Trainer Series book for First and Advanced by Cambridge University Press, specifically developed teaching material for Proficiency, and digital learning with Test & Train
  • Homework with feedback and assessment of performance
  • Test of the oral examination incl. feedback
  • Per course day: 1 hour lesson with Cambridge English exam experts, 1 hour time for exam-specific tasks and Q&A with exam experts

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