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Qualification in English – Higher Technical College & University of Applied Sciences | Business & Others

Cambridge English Certificate "Business" or "General" 

Cambridge certificate as “unofficial” qualification in English (HTC, UAS, University)

In Switzerland, Cambridge exams serve as an "unofficial" but significant reference in the English language proficiency and competency domain, as well as preparation for the next educational level.

Cambridge English certificate in advanced English - C2

Why "unofficial"?

In Switzerland, the Cambridge exams are regarded as an unofficial yet significant benchmark for English language skills and competencies

Although participation in Cambridge exams is generally voluntary in most cantons and schools within the Swiss education system, they have become a staple component of a career in nearly all industries and most professions in practice. This is due to their widespread acceptance and recognition across various educational levels and within the business sector.

Excellent English language skills are essential in almost every study programme these days. Many study programmes are already taught in English. In addition, more and more students are choosing to either study completely abroad or at least one semester, which again requires excellent knowledge of English. Admission criteria are often strict, but most universities worldwide that teach in English accept Cambridge exams as proof of English language proficiency.

For admission to universities, typically either the Cambridge C1 Advanced or the Cambridge C2 Proficiency is required.

What opportunities does a Cambridge certificate offer?

In school

Schools - Swiss Exams - Benefits of a Cambridge English certificate

During their studies, obtaining a Cambridge language certificate is primarily important for those intending to study abroad or attend lectures in English at Swiss universities and colleges. Furthermore, it is crucial for Swiss students to have a Cambridge qualification as it enhances their chances of securing attractive internship positions.

  • Study Abroad: Essential for international studies and English-taught courses
  • Internship Advantage

In the workplace

Workplace - Swiss Exams - Benefits of a Cambridge English certificate

The majority of university graduates in Switzerland enter demanding positions in the job market. Nowadays, there are few to no positions left that require a university degree but overlook good English skills. Nearly all of these attractive positions require good to excellent English proficiency, confirmed by a Cambridge certificate.

  • Job Market: Graduates often enter demanding roles
  • English Requirement: Attractive positions typically require strong English skills, confirmed by a Cambridge certificate

How to obtain a Cambridge certificate?

Preparation in school/educational institution

Most HTC, UAS, and universities offer preparatory courses for Cambridge exams. For students seeking employment in Switzerland after graduation, recommended options include the Cambridge B2 First, C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency, as well as Cambridge Linguaskill B1-C2 Business or General.

For admission to universities abroad, the Cambridge IELTS - International English Language Testing System is recommended.

Cambridge English Certification - preparation in school - Swiss Exams supports schools

Preparation via Swiss Exams Academy

Students whose educational institution does not offer preparation courses for Cambridge exams can take these courses with Swiss Exams Academy.

Cambridge English Certification - Preparation at home - Course offered by Swiss Exams Academy


Some students choose to study on their own to prepare for the exams. For these particularly ambitious students, a variety of preparation materials and mock exams are available.

Cambridge English Certification - Self Study - preparation materials | Swiss Exams

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