Exam Levels & Types

Exam Levels & Types

Have a look at the overview of all Cambridge exam levels. They are segmented according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Here you will find A1 – C2 exam scale with the rating and appropriate tests. And do you know that you can choose from computer-based and paper-based Cambridge exams?

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Overview Cambridge Exams

Let´s have a look at the overview of all Cambridge exams offered by Swiss Exams. You can take these examinations in various locations within Switzerland: Winterthur, Zurich, Berne, Basel, Lucerne, Lausanne, St.Gallen, Chur and Geneva. We regularly run computer-based Cambridge English exams at these locations.

Chart: Cambridge English exams CEFR qualifications tests

Computer-based and paper-based Cambridge English Exams

We run exams across Switzerland, always trying to be closest to the students and easily accessible. As the demand for computer-based exams continuously increases, we are offering more of this exam type.

Computer-based vs. Paper-based

What stays the same:

  • same format and same time frame
  • same registration: easy and fast
  • Swiss Exams Access - Candidate Access: all exam information you can find on one place
  • same Speaking Test: in person with a speaking partner on a scheduled exam date
  • same Cambridge English Certificate: it looks exactly the same, it does not state if the exam has been taken on a computer or on paper.

How students benefit from computer-based exams

  • ideal for students who are more comfortable with a keyboard and mouse than with pencil and paper
  • faster access to results, scores available to be seen online in just three weeks after the test
  • easy to understand and online timer and help function allow students to get the best from their exam performance.
  • beneficial to edit answers on screen during the test
  • convenient to adjust the volume of headphones for the listening tasks, the signs´ counter is also available here for you to see how much you have written

Find out your English Level

Ein Computer mit Tastatur und Maus. Der Bildschirm ist eingeschaltet und zeigt die Homepage vom Cambridge English Placement Test.

Would you like to test your current English skills? The Cambridge English Placement Test is an online adaptive test for general English and tests reading comprehension, grammar and listening comprehension. It is used as a placement test for all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages, from A1 - C2.

Cambridge Exams on the computer

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