Your Exam Day

Your Exam Day

The exam day is an important day for most candidates. Therefore, being prepared for the day will guarantee a smooth procedure and make the examination a pleasant experience. So, we provide you here with the tips for your Cambridge English Exam Day. Have a look!

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Before the Cambridge exam

  • Check the date, time, and address of your exam. We will send you this information as an Entry Statement about 10 days prior to your exam. If you have any questions, contact us here: Assistance for Candidates
  • Remember to check how long it will take you to travel to the exam, especially if your exam is at a weekend or on a holiday.
  • Get to the exam early! At the venue follow the direction signs to find the exam room or go to the reception of the building and ask for directions.
  • Boost your Cambridge English exam result with free preparation materials - go to the preparation and click on your exam level.
  • See all Cambridge exam locations

Things to bring to the Cambridge exam

  • Bring your valid identification document (no copies) to the exam! Please check here what identification documents are accepted. All candidates are required to present a valid and non-expired identification on all exam days.
  • Bring along a printed copy of your Entry Statement
  • Bring the signed Consent Form, if required
  • Electronic items such as laptops, tablets/ipads, e-readers, cameras, digital sound recorders, and mp3 players are not permitted into the exam room.
  • Authorised items for Cambridge exams: 1 pen, pencils, erasers, 1 highlighter, pencil sharpener, small pencil case, medicine, tissues

During the Cambridge exam

  • Mobile phones and smartwatches can be taken to the exam but must be switched off. Candidates will be instructed to place these items in a dead-zone bag on the floor next to the candidate desk and cannot be accessed at any time during the exam or in the breaks.
  • Do not bring bags, jackets, etc. to your desk.
  • Do not bring food or drinks to your desk in the exam room. You can bring water in a plastic or metal bottle (no glass bottle) with no English text
  • Listen carefully to the instructions which the supervisor will read out.
  • Do not talk to other people or try to see what they are writing.
  • There will be a clock in the exam room to help you with your timing.
Cambridge English exam

At the end of each paper

  • Give all papers to the supervisor or invigilator, including question papers, answer sheets, rough paper, etc.
  • Always stay in your seat until the supervisor gives you permission to leave the room.
  • If you have any questions or problems, tell the supervisor.

After the Cambridge exam

  • Approximately 10 days after your Cambridge English Exam, you will receive online access to your Cambridge English Results. The login information will be sent to you via email.
  • Candidates receive the results for computer-based tests in 5-10 working days, in the case of paper-based exams the results are released in 4-6 weeks. The certificate is sent by registered mail.
  • The schools have also access to the results if they have an account with us.
After the Cambridge English exam

Commonly asked questions

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