Qualification in English - Career & Profession

Qualification in English - Career & Profession

Cambridge English Certificate "Business" or "General"

Cambridge Certificate - Worldwide Recognition

In Switzerland, the Cambridge exams are regarded as an "unofficial" yet significant benchmark for English language skills and competencies, as well as preparation for the next educational stage.

Cambridge English certificate in advanced English - C2

Why "unofficial"?

In Switzerland, the Cambridge exams are regarded as an unofficial yet significant benchmark for English language skills and competencies

Even though participation in Cambridge exams is generally voluntary in most cantons and schools within the Swiss education system, they have practically become an indispensable component of a career in nearly all sectors and most professions. This is due to their widespread acceptance and appreciation across various educational levels and in the workplace.

Impact of Cambridge Certificate on career success

In the Swiss economy, Cambridge exams and certificates enjoy the highest recognition. An estimated 800,000 individuals in Switzerland possess a Cambridge certificate. These certificates are a crucial component of any resume and significantly enhance success rates in job applications. Even in adult education, there are numerous ways to obtain an internationally recognized Cambridge certificate.

In addition to the so-called "Main Suite" exams Cambridge A2 Key, Cambridge B1 Preliminary, Cambridge B2 First, Cambridge C1 Advanced, and Cambridge C2 Proficiency, the new Cambridge Linguaskill Business exam is also available.

What opportunities does a Cambridge certificate offer?

A Cambridge certificate, such as the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) or the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE), creates diverse career opportunities in the Swiss job market. These internationally recognized certificates not only demonstrate advanced language proficiency but also strong communication and comprehension skills in the English language.

Boosting Career Mobility

Career - Swiss Exams - Benefits of a Cambridge English certificate

In a globalized economy where English often serves as the lingua franca, employees with solid English skills are increasingly in demand. Employers in Switzerland value the quality of Cambridge certificates as a reliable indicator of their employees' language competence. Especially in cross-industry fields, international companies, and in research and science management, Cambridge certificates unlock doors to challenging positions and promote career mobility.

  • Career Paths: Cambridge certificates enhance job opportunities in Switzerland
  • Proven Skills: Certificates indicate advanced English proficiency and communication skills
  • Global Relevance: High demand for English skills in a globalized economy
  • Employer Trust: Employers see certificates as reliable indicators of language competence
  • Job Mobility: Open doors to challenging roles across industries and enhanced career mobility

How to obtain a Cambridge certificate?

Language Schools

Swiss Exams works with language schools throughout Switzerland. Under Location and Preparation Centre Partners you will find schools in all regions of Switzerland.

Cambridge English Certification - preparation in language school - Swiss Exams supports schools

Preparation via Swiss Exams Academy

If you cannot find a suitable preparation course in your region, you can take a Swiss Exams Academy course.

Cambridge English Certification - Preparation at home - Course offered by Swiss Exams Academy

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